Free financial literacy/Dinner

Date and Time

Monday, Septembet 25th 2017

5:30PM - 7:30PM EDT

Free dinner at Glen glenroys

 free  Financial Workshop dinner at glenroys for your employees Bronx New York. please call to register 

Why Own a Mortgage Protection Plan?

Value Benefits you Deserve

Educational Seminars

Statewide benefits consultant's host educational seminars and free workshops for schools, Realtor's,  non-for profits and more! We will love to schedule a meeting with your team. 

How We Work?

 For Companies of all sizes, we will send out a team of enrollers to sit with each employee and educate line by line their employee benefit package. 

Giving back on Career Day

State benefits consulate comes to enter cities and educate young people about insurance protecting themselves and their families and case of a life event.

Pocono Family

Pocono family is a partner with statewide.

Statewide Benefits Consultants

                                                         Statewide Benefits commercial live from New York City